Mission statement

The Institute of Food and Environmental Research (ILU) is a nonprofit research institution with 20 years of expertise in the areas of food processing, environmental research and biotechnology.

The activity profile of ILU e.V includes scientific and technological application-oriented research:

  • Research and developmantof new methods for food and feed/pet-food production
  • Exploration of functional food ingredients
  • Food safety
  • Environmental contaminants
  • Plant protection and treatment agents
  • Mycotoxins
  • Changes of food during processing
  • Anti- nutritional components
  • Allergenic effects
  • Processing of plant materials and leguminosae-derived products
  • By innovative dry methods for refining
  • Hydrothermal transformations, extrusions and co-extrusion techniques
  • Novel process and product development (customer oriented)
  • Development of analytical methods
  • Biological and chemical special analyses
  • Biotechnology research for the production of biological agents for food, feed, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • Development of natiural feeds
  • Environmental research with phototrophic microorganisms
  • Development of biogenic materials for non-food applications
  • Process and product development
  • ecological building materials
  • Soil improvement and erosion protection materials
  • Plastic composite materials, binders, filling materials