Institute for Food and Environmental Research (ILU) 

The Association pursues exclusively and directly aims for the public benefit. The main activities of ILU may be found in different areas, from the Applied Research, through Technological Applications for the Food Industry and those performed in the field of Environmental Protection.

Institut für Lebensmittel- und Umweltforschung e.V. (ILU)

The Institute for Food and Environmental Research (ILU e.V.)  was founded in 1991 in Bergholz-Rehbrücke near Berlin.

As a non-profit organization it conducts applied, technologically oriented research and development for the food industry and the preservation of the environment. The organization pursues objectives that are exclusively and directly exploitable for common use. Members of our organization are companies from the food industry and tangential areas and representatives of non-university research.

The Institute for Food and Environmental Research has a permanent staff which thus combines the expertise of food scientists, chemists and food chemists, biologists, microbiologists and biochemists who have many years of experience in the biotechnology, food and environmental research. Additional staff will be bound to different upcoming projects.

The organization has access to cutting-edge equipped laboratories and pilot plants. For the technological application of research powerful experimental facilities are available which may be used by our cooperation partners.

Our nonprofit association claims the ambition to contribute with its research into marketable solutions especially for small and medium enterprises. Thus the innovation and competitiveness of small and medium food and environmental industry may be stabilized and strengthened.


Tradeit Innovative Technologies for Traditional Dairy Producers, Poznan, Poland

Tradeit  Summer Academy in Como, Italy


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